Detroit Heals Detroit


Our Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Detroit Heals Detroit exists to foster healing justice for Detroit youth in which they are able to transform their pain into power. With a goal to combat trauma, we use healing centered engagement to share our greatest vulnerabilities with the rest of the world while simultaneously working to dismantle oppressive systems for marginalized Detroit youth.


Our organization was created by Detroit youth for Detroit youth, between the ages of 12-21, who have been walking and developing in a world that has sought to silence their pain. Exposure to trauma has a profound impact on cognitive development and academic outcomes and our specific students in Detroit seem to wake up to trauma like its breakfast. We understand that Detroit youth face more challenges than any individual person can remedy so our goal is to help each other heal from the trauma together. We need a voice and access to share our greatest vulnerabilities with the rest of the world, truly giving our trauma a purpose. We will lead community healing and learn strategies to advocate for ourselves and others, to deepen our own and others knowledge, & to illuminate the lives we live and the worlds we are a part of. Speaking, writing and advocating around your trauma is an important and powerful step to healing. When the youth in neighborhoods heal, the community begins to heal. Healing is very much rooted in community and we are committed to leading the movement toward Healing Justice for Detroit Youth and Beyond.