Destination: Liberation

Destination: Liberation

Detroit Heals Detroit is launching an initiative to bring radical healing to formerly incarcerated Detroit youth by utilizing travel and youth organizing as a form of resistance in order to reach liberation.
This initiative is a Travel Immersion Initiative for Formerly Incarcerated Detroit Youth. No nation has locked up more of its own people per capita than the US. Our goal in this 12-week program is to give these young people their purpose and power back that society otherwise would have tried to take away from them, indefinitely. Giving them a piece of their power back that essentially undercuts the likelihood of recidivism. At the end of the 12-week healing justice/youth organizing institute, all participants will travel to Puerto Rico to connect with youth organizers on the ground there and everything is fully funded.

Ultimate Goal: Collect Significant Data to Impact Legislation in a way that combats the restrictions put on individuals who've had contact with the Juvenile In(Justice) System.

All Participants receive a $2000 stipend upon completion of program.


Please submit the following form by April 1st to be considered for the program.

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