Inaugural Sincerely, Detroit Healing Justice Gala


We hope that you will join us for a very special and important event: The Inaugural Sincerely, Detroit Healing Justice Gala. On Monday, February 17, 2020, Detroit Heals Detroit, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by Detroit youth with a focus on healing justice and using our trauma to transgress, will be hosting this groundbreaking event.

Detroit Heals Detroit was founded in 2018 by the youth at Detroit Collegiate High School and their English teacher after developing a publication to combat their own trauma, Forbidden Tears. We saw the benefit of healing from their trauma through written narratives and wanted to establish a nonprofit to give other Detroit youth that same voice and access to share their greatest vulnerabilities with the rest of the world, ultimately transforming their pain into power. Our organization is proud of our Board of Directors consisting mostly of Detroit Youth, as well as a Youth Advisory Council consisting of many students who were involved in the original project.

Our overall goal is to build access for our peers: access to healing, access to literacy, access to liberation and access to new possibilities,

The theme of the gala is "Sincerely, Detroit," which symbolizes a love note to Detroit from Detroit, amplifying the narratives and storytelling from the voices of the youth. The gala will showcase the monumental greatness of Detroit youth with performances including spoken word, dance ensembles, monologues and choral performances. Additionally, two scholarships will be given out as well as awards to youth trailblazers making a difference in the Greater Detroit Community. The gala will also be an opportunity to exchange dialogue about trauma in our communities, led by the voices of our young people.

All proceeds from the gala will go back into the organization to help fund our mission to foster healing centered engagement for Detroit youth and help our peers transform their pain into power. Participants in our program will become published authors by using their words to bring power to their realities. These young Detroiters have been walking and developing in a world that has sought to silence their pain. Detroit Heals Detroit believes that our peers face more challenges than any individual person can remedy so our mission is to help each other heal from our trauma together. Our supporter network includes many prominent business and community leaders, as well as families of our youth. We hope you can join us.

Silence is not the price you have to pay for your survival anymore. 

Speak. Scream. Roar.

- Nikita Gill

Sincerely Detroit, Gala Sponsorship Document: 

We Want to Thank Those Who Came to The Inaugural "Sincerely, Detroit" Healing Justice Gala! Hope you Left Inspired.