Movement Trauma Free Therapy Sessions


It's BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month!

We know there are common trauma stressors and responses which show up in the frontlines and backlines of movement spaces. Therefore, we are offering free therapy sessions with licensed BIPOC therapists that have agreed to offer pro-bono work to support BIPOC activists and organizers at different phases of the movement cycle.

We have Certified Racial Trauma Practitioners doing a free 10-session group therapy programming for BIPOC activists and organizers. We also have therapists for those who need individual support as well.

P.S. You do not have to be from Detroit to sign-up. You simply have to identify as Black, Indigenous or Person of Color.

With the launch of the free movement trauma therapy sessions, we got an overwhelming amount of reponses and signups from BIPOC activitists and organizers and we want to continue to support BIPOC folks in social movements with healing - in this moment but, also, beyond the moment.

The original intent of this project was to mobilize to support community crisis and stress within and beyond social change. We believe in many ways this is a time of radical social change and deep community healing. We saw a need to support the social-emotional cycle of movements at an individual and communal level.

We hope that the vision for which this project was born can be leveraged to support this kind of care for each other in this moment. We know that organizers, activists, marginalized community members and first responders (among others) are faced with a number of intersecting and growing stressors--from the personal, to the systemic, to the global. We hope to offer support quickly as increased support in this moment where it is needed.

We especially call on non-BIPOC allies who have the resources to donate more to give into this work and to support the therapy costs of those who can't afford. Sometimes this is the way we build equity and accessibility as community, together.